Muscle Builder

Building Muscle Mass is the key to build a perfect symmetry, shape or muscle definition! It should always be the base of everything. Many people out there are looking for the “THE BEST SUPPLEMENTS TO BUILD MASS” and there is no secret to it. We help you to break down to 3 Most Important supplement you need!


1. Mass Gainers

As we all know in order to build Muscle Mass we need achieve CALORIC SURPLUS yet maintaining high protein diet. There is no easier way than consuming Mass Gainers. With that being said, do note that Mass Gainers are not a meal replacement. it can be a great way to help you achieve the amount of calorie you need to GROW.


Hyper Mass (15 lbs.)

Mass Revolution (12 lbs)

Levro Legendary Mass (15 lbs)

2. Amino Acids

In the recent years, Amino Acids or BCAAs has been widely talked about. It is one of the most well known supplement used in many competitive athletes. Amino Acids are a broken down forms of protein which allows our body to absorb immediately, therefor it is also know as an intra workout drink. Often you see people drinking some coloured or flavored drinks in the between their sets. So what does this amino acids does? Well It helps us to SPEED UP muscle recovery. BETTER MUSCLE RECOVERY = BETTER MUSCLE GROWTH.

Here are Top 3 BEST AMINO ACIDs /  BCAAs

BCAA X (30 servings)

Levrone EAA (31 servings)

Hydro BCAA + Essentials (30 servings)

3. Creatine

Creatine has been the staple to bodybuilding and has been studied a lot about. Its is proven as one of the most effective Muscle Building supplement. There are few benefits that comes along with it, such as increase in STRENGTH, HIGHER ENERGY LEVEL and IMPROVE MUSCLE SIZE!


Best Creatine (50 servings)

100% Creatine Monohydrate (1 kg.)

CreaGen (30 servings)



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