Muscle Mania Malaysia- The Largest Sports & Fitness Supplement Distributor awarded by The Malaysia Book of Records, carrying only the top renowned brands from the US, UK and EU.

Established in 2007 by Vincent Loh, a thriving enterprise driven by his unwavering passion for health, fitness, and life itself. Our mission was clear from the start: to offer dedicated fitness enthusiasts the finest range of premium nutrition products at the most competitive wholesale prices.

Initially starting with just a laptop and a car loaded with products, Muscle Mania began by personally delivering supplements to customers through personalized one-on-one arrangements. Through perseverance, hard work, and the appreciation of its customers, the company steadily grew.

Today, Muscle Mania stands as Malaysia’s largest online and retail store for sports and fitness supplements, boasting an expansive 32,000 sq. ft warehouse. The company takes immense pride in its ability to serve over 350,000 online customers, solidifying its position as an industry leader.


One of the hallmarks of Muscle Mania is its association with renowned brands known for their exceptional quality. Every product offered by the company represents the pinnacle of excellence and has garnered global recognition. With a multitude of retail outlets strategically located across Peninsular Malaysia, Muscle Mania caters to a diverse clientele, including bulk purchasers, wholesale agents, gym clubs, pharmacies, health supplement stores, and individual end-users.

The company’s commitment to outstanding customer service is matched only by its competitive pricing and an impressive lineup of products. With countless satisfied customers who continue to choose Muscle Mania, the company has become the ultimate destination for sports nutrition needs.

Muscle Mania is not just a company but a trusted partner for fitness enthusiasts and individuals striving for a healthier lifestyle. With its exceptional product range, unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and industry-leading status, Muscle Mania continues to redefine the standards of excellence in the sports nutrition industry.


Y.M. Tengku Hishammuddin Zaizi is the son of Y.A.M. Tengku Azman Shah Al-Haj ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Hishammudin Alam Shah Al-Haj, Tengku Bendahara of Selangor is the Chairman of MuscleManiaClub.com Sdn Bhd. Living in a prominent royal family in Malaysia has taken him in a different direction in facing the many circumstances of his life.

He had spent most of his higher education in Australia. Upon completing his studies, he returned to Malaysia and immediately contributed to the corporate sector as with his father Y.M. Tengku Hishammuddin Zaizi is partial with the corporate world. His vast experience in business, together with his education and intellect has furthered the Level of Sophistication that never fails to impress. Although his various exposures to that corporate sector begun at a tender age, his best character is still his kindness and humility.

As a man that is used to meeting new challenges, he never gives up no matter how demanding the task it. As a man with great visions, Y.M. Tengku Hishammuddin Zaizi sets strategic directions, goals and objectives to make MuscleManiaClub.com Sdn Bhd a name of global stature. A leader by example, his personal touch is a key to our every success.


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