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  • We have a strong customer base of more than 550,000 in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, Indonesia, etc.
  • We are the exclusive sole distributor for Dymatize, Gaspari Nutrition, Labrada, Nutrabolics, and Inner Amour in Malaysia.
  • We carry all major brands of sports supplements including: Animal, BSN, Gaspari Nutrition, Dymatize, Labrada, Muscletech, Optimum Nutrition, Nutrabolics, Nutrex, Ultimate Nutrition, Universal Nutrition, USP Labs and many others.
  • All our supplements are approved by the MoH (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia), and we have the certificate of distribution from manufacturers.
    Feel free to walk in to our retail shop to view our products or certificates.
  • We have various retail outlets located throughout Malaysia catering for bulk purchases, agents, gym clubs, pharmacies, health supplements store.
  • Money back guarantee.

Have you ever heard of fake supplements? Lately, there have been many dishonest sellers reported selling fake bodybuilding supplements. Some are repackaged using big brands, name, logo. Some are imported from other countries  i.e. not the original manufacturing country. Some even have their own Holograms and claim that it is a symbol of originality – which according to the manufacturers, are an obvious fake!

FDA has recently issued a safety warning regarding fake dietary supplements that are circulating in the market. Read more about it here:

It is very surprising to know how unhealthy and dangerous these fake bodybuilding supplements are. If you are using supplements for bodybuilding, avoid using these cheaper and fake alternative bodybuilding supplements, and ONLY buy from reputable sellers. Do a research before purchasing and ask your supplier for their product authenticity documents. Beware of those who are unable to produce such documents for clarification.

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